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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Save Money Make Money: Episode 9

Concept 9: Manage Your Health and Medical Expenses

Lots of vicious systems have come to stay in human society because of the economic muscles of the interested parties and their ulterior and greedy intentions and actions. One of them is the exploitative execution of the otherwise noble concept of insuring. So the whole lot of insurance companies, who have become unimaginably stinking rich are controlling the entire medical and health care market. The result is: prices of using the medical services whether they are hospitals, doctors or medicines etc have been draconically, artificially jacked up.

Till such time these system remain intact and flourish further, you have no alternative but to cover yourself and your family by a good and economical medical insurance scheme. If you do not do so, you will have to shell out fortunes to buy these services and your coffers will drain out in no time. Today's medical and health system is that bad and that expensive. You just cannot afford it without taking an insurance cover.

So do it. Choose the better of the lot that are available in the market.

(I wish we could eliminate the insurance companies altogether who act as the mafia type middle men and instead let the real professionals like doctors, pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers etc run the show as a free competitive economy. The prices of buying the health and medical services will surely come down).

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