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Friday, December 26, 2008

Save Money Make Money: Episode 4

Concept 4: Look at All Your Bills Carefully

You have to pay lots of bills these days. You get bills frequently for the items like:
  • Mobile telephone
  • Land line telephones
  • Electricity/power
  • Water
  • Cooking gas
  • Equal monthly instalments (EMI) for loans taken for vehicle, house etc
  • Property tax


Go through these bills for their amounts carefully. If you see an upward trend in the billed amounts, that definitely raises the alarm. Even if they are not going up, you have to think in terms of how you are going to cut down the billed amounts in the next bills.

You will have do a bit of cause and effect study. By this, you will be able to find out the causes of unnecessary consumption. Go in to their details and work out the solutions to consume less of those things.

Start with an aim of reducing bill amount by 10% and achieve it in the decided time line. Then, become a bit more ambitious and try to achieve another 10% cut and so on.

You will see amazing results in your savings. Best luck.

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