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Friday, February 6, 2009

Save Money Make Money: Episode 5

Concept 5: Cut Out on Eating Outside

It is a general knowledge (though we also know that general knowledge is always not so general) that almost all the restaurants jack up the prices of all the food they serve with very hefty profit margins. That's where your hard earned money drains out so very easily without any efforts. Cumulatively the damage on your pocket can mount to a very chunky size. Keep a close track of the money spent on eating in the restaurants, at least for a couple of months and the figures may shock you.

In addition, the food served in these eating joints may not be all that hygienic and may not be nutritious. Also, you spend your time in commuting (time in itself is money) and therefore, you spend your money unnecessarily also on gas and vehicle maintenance as well.

The major tip to save money here, therefore, is: cut down an eating outside. Instead, cook at home from the basic raw ingredients or from semi cooked stuff. Also use raw salads, fruits, milk, yogurt, cereals, brown bread with cheese, butter, peanut butter, jam etc where you do not have to cook at all. Cooking and assembling your meals can be a good diversion from your other activities, good entertainment and past time. If you feel lonely doing it every day, make variations by inviting some one you like to do joint cooking with you and then seek reciprocation for this procedure.

Try it, you will save lots of money.

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