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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Save Money Make Money: Episode 6

Concept 6: Cut Down on Use of Land Line and Mobile Telephones

If you are not careful in using your land line phone(s) or mobile(s) prudently, the telephones bills can be pretty steep. Keep a watch on them. Observe carefully your expenditure in telephoning.

Instead, it will be better idea to chat and speak with your friends, family members, relatives, acquaintances and others by using the computer (in any case you are connected to Internet most of times and you are already paying for it whether you are using it or not). So, chat/speak via Internet using your computer.

On phones, in addition to the fixed charges, you are paying dearly for each call you make and receive (and the roaming charges are too high). By using Internet through computers your communication/chat/talk are all free, all you are doing is to pay only the fixed charges for Internet connection. You can speak/chat for hours with zero incremental expenditure.

Find out your savings using this method; you will save lots.

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